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Learn to dance! At Springs Rhythm we offer both social and competitive Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance lessons in the Colorado Springs area. We encourage students of all ages and abilities to participate in the wonderful world of dance. Whether you want to look good dancing out with friends or are getting ready for a special event, we will help you feel more comfortable on the dance floor. Group classes and private lessons are available.

What can we offer you?

Why should you choose Springs Rhythm? Unless you stumbled upon our site by pure accident, chances are you are interested in some aspect of Ballroom or Social dancing. Well, we have many different packages to suit the different reasons you may come up with. Perhaps you made a New Year’s Resolution, maybe to get in shape, learn a new skill, or just meet people. We have many different options available, for all schedules and levels of skill. We can create a customized package, just for you, or you can take advantage of some of our specials. We regularly hold Social Dances, in which you not only to get to show off what you’ve learned, meet other dancers, but see other students of all skill levels. You can contact us directly. We welcome your phone calls and emails: 719-597-4451

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  1. Eric says:

    I would like to surprise my wife with private lessons for her birthday
    She has been bugging me about going dancing and I can’t dance a step what can you offer for beginner couple and would you have a gift certificate I could present her with on her birthday

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