Learn to dance! At Springs Rhythm we offer both social and competitive Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance lessons in the Colorado Springs area. We encourage students of all ages and abilities to participate in the wonderful world of dance. Whether you want to look good dancing out with friends or are getting ready for a special event, we will help you feel more comfortable on the dance floor. Group classes and private lessons are available.

What can we offer you?

Why should you choose Springs Rhythm? Unless you stumbled upon our site by pure accident, chances are you are interested in some aspect of Ballroom or Social dancing. Well, we have many different packages to suit the different reasons you may come up with. Perhaps you made a New Year’s Resolution, maybe to get in shape, learn a new skill, or just meet people. We have many different options available, for all schedules and levels of skill. We can create a customized package, just for you, or you can take advantage of some of our specials. We regularly hold Social Dances, in which you not only to get to show off what you’ve learned, meet other dancers, but see other students of all skill levels. You can contact us directly. We welcome your phone calls and emails: 719-597-4451

New Student Special


1 Group Lesson ● 1 30-minute Private Lesson ● 1 Social Dance Admission

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Private Lessons

Private lessons give you the most for your minute as they are usually taken individually or as a couple (though up to 6 people is permitted) with an instructor. Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough absorption of the material YOU want to master. Additionally, privates are far easier to manage for those with irregular hectic schedules.

Social dancing

Social dancing is particularly suitable for those just getting started, those who would like to learn the skills necessary to feel comfortable and confident dancing in any setting such as a night club, corporate event, wedding or party.

Competitive Dancing

Competitive dancing is a highly stylized and more disciplined form of competitive dancesport as seen on TV. This style can take your dancing to a higher level with endless possibilities, and is just as much fun as social dancing.

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Private 4*

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 4 Group lessons
  • 1 Social Dance Admission
  • *New Students Only

Private 10*

  • 10 Private Lessons
  • 10 Group Lessons
  • 2 Social Dance Admissions
  • *New Students Only

Group Lessons 10

  • For Groups up to 10 people
  • One lesson

Group Lesson 20

  • For Groups up to 20 People
  • One Lesson

Drop-in Rate $15 per person per lesson

Wedding Package:

Wow your guests (and yourselves) with a truly magical first dance as husband and wife. We can make you look natural and confident much faster than you think! We will work closely with you to either create and develop a choreographed dance tailored to your specific song or help you gracefully improvise on the dance floor. If you don’t already have a chosen song, we can help you with your selection. Lessons are available for the bride, groom, and bridal party!

  • Private lessons
  • Up to six people
  • Includes choreography for the wedding couple’s first dance
  • Bring your special song
  • We can tailor the dances learned to your wedding theme

You will discover that the process of taking dance lessons during your engagement is not only wonderfully romantic but also helps relieve the stress surrounding all the other wedding preparations. Call for an appointment today, so that you move on the dance floor with the same ease and bliss that herald your new life together.

About Beginner Lessons

New to Ballroom dancing? At Springs Rhythm, we offer beginner level group classes. Beginner classes are for those with little or no ballroom dancing experience. Our beginner classes offer an interrelated system of teaching. Students learn all the popular dances used in social settings, from weddings to night clubs and ballrooms. Many of the steps in one dance can be used in another…we will show you how. You will learn faster, and have a good time doing it!

For a schedule of our beginner group classes, see the Class Schedule page. We also provide private lessons for beginners.

Beginner classes are taught, assuming that you have had no experience in ballroom dance before. The group lessons are one hour a week with 2 separate dances per month, usually a slow/formal dance, and one more social and fun. We begin at the beginning of the month with the basic steps, and teach new moves throughout the month.

About Competitive Dancing

At Springs Rhythm, we offer our students opportunities to experience the thrill and excitement of competition. Contrary to what you may think, Latin and Ballroom competitions are for dancers of all ages and levels. Even if you have only been dancing for two months, there is a category specifically designed for you.

A competition, regardless of the size, presents the challenge of goal achievement. Dancing is always fun, but when you have a specific purpose in mind, you are able to progress faster. Establishing an end objective can contribute to greater focus in your lessons, and provide incentive to push yourself to new levels. The great thing about this sport is that working toward a goal can be just as much fun as attaining it.

In addition, competitions are a useful way to evaluate your own progress. Most competitors have their performances recorded on video. After the competition, you can assess the performance with your instructor to determine which areas demonstrated progress, and which may require more attention. A picture is worth a thousand words, and video is one of the most useful learning tools a dancer can utilize.

Lastly, competitions offer a unique experience. The dance floor can bring out the best in all of us: stimulating not only our dancing, but confidence and character as well. Great music, glamorous costumes and vibrant energy fill the ballroom from morning ‘til night with people from all over the world who share the love of dance.

It is advisable to take two or more lessons per week on a competition program with more time spent practicing as the competition date draws near. Springs Rhythm also offers consultations on costuming, hair, and makeup as you prepare for competition, or to look great at your special social event.

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